“ From Crazy Carpets to Yoga Mats ”
I’m sure many of you reading this blog, that are near my age range, have experienced using a “Crazy Carpet” many years ago during Our Cold Snowy Winter Months. They actually were quite fun, despite the fact they were basically a ridiculously thin piece of plastic/nylon. I don’t know that these still exist, but mine did for many years, until probably I showed no more interest into it & Dad gathered it up to recycle it for some important shelter for his beloved plants in his gardens. When the snow would start falling, you’d get a sudden panic from trying to find all of you outdoor winter wonders, but I always knew where “My Crazy Carpet” was … On the shelf at the bottom of the basement stairs waiting for me. For some reason when you are younger, you never think you are going to get older, and what would it matter anyway. So off you’d go in search of a “Good Hill”, that didn’t have too many older kids on to that would plough right thru, or over you. Then you would proceed to flail this thin piece of plastic onto the frozen ground & hurl your body, usually face down & take off like Batman Savage. Not always the prettiest outcome. As by the time your chin got chaffed from the snow, & your body got knocked around by going over a few rocks, or some other obstacle along your chosen race course, there was usually damage done. But that didn’t stop you until hours would go by and you were so exhausted & cold, you thought you’d never make it home.
I still have “Blue” carpets, but they are known as Yoga Mats (and 1 Pilates). For some reason, and not that blue is my favourite colour, but the theme of “Blue” has stuck with me many years for my recreational gear { including My Necky Kayak }. I certainly do enjoy Yoga, and most everyday, I go to my Yoga Room {which is also now shared with My Online Store} and “flail” out my yoga mat, as I used to do with My Crazy Carpet. The only thing is now I don’t “hurl” my body on to the floor in which the mat rests. I gently get down, in hopes I will be able to get back up by the time I stretch my body out. Life has changed … I now actually think of the repercussions that sudden movements may have to my body’s ability to perform, unlike I did 40 years ago. It seems much more important. As you can see in the pics that I have 3 mats, one being my Cadillac “Yoga” Mat I got last year, one decommissioned from about 20 years of yoga practice & last going off was used as an actual therapy device for My Beloved Golden “Zacharri” when he had his Vestibular Syndrome, and needed to be able to have traction under his dear little aging paws. And the third is My Pilates Mat, in which I combine Yoga & Pilates together most days during my “Peace Time”. Back a few years ago, some of us had the opportunity to meet a young lady by the name of “Julia”, who was a highly trained Pilates instructor. She was Excellent ! I learned a lot to do with the actual breathing and posture techniques from this very talented Soul. She chose a few of us to do a “Posture Analysis” on. It was very interesting how she performed & explained why & what she expected from us … I learned a lot, in which I still find very useful today.
I’m glad that the “Crazy Carpets” came before the “Yoga Mats”, as I may have never had that enlightened & enriched experience, as I sure as Hell probably wouldn’t be going thru those antics today ~ I’ll always Remember My Old Crazy Carpet, the ratted torn edges and half torn off handle. Amazing what will We choose to Remember throughout Our Lives. I guess Winters like this one bring back Old Memories !

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