Here’s The Old & The New … The Original Door to what use to be The Master Bedroom, now being used for My Online Store ( ) Located at 40 North Street, Lockeport, this is The Location of My Hair Shop Since 1986, and In the Last 4 years, also My Yarn Shop. This House was built in 1856. The Wool Socks that hang on the door are Knit with Briggs & Little Wool, established in 1857 … A lot of History has passed since then, for Briggs & Little, and This House … Somethings Never Change … The Doors Keep Swinging, The Needles Keep Clicking, Briggs & Little Will Continue to Spin Their Original Great Wool We All Like To Use … And Wool Socks Will Never Go Out of Style … 159 Years Later / Circa 2015

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