The Early Bird Gets The Worm … or ends up going to bed extremely early … I Absolutely Love Early Mornings, as most of You must be able to recognize that by now, with the times my posts appear … Actually I’ve been up since 2:15am this morning. Doing exactly what I enjoy this time of year. Enjoying my Christmas Tree, It’s decorations & lites. Enjoying the company of my 2 sleepy Goldens, Lockie & Levi, at this time of the day, as they then become Very Active. Get some Knitting done, Socks of course & Drink a Little Bit of Coffee, actually quite a bit in My New Favourite Mug, so generously given to me as a Christmas Gift by Amy. “Thank-You” Amy ! You Will See On My Website @, there has been some changes lately. There is no more “Online Yarn Store”. You now can order directly thru me, by sending an email (see tab at top of website page - “Contact”),or call Us at 902 656 3441. We Can Arrange Payment thru a Forced Sale on Your Visa Card or Email Money Transfer. Shipping will be Thru Canada Post, with a Flat Rate Fee of $15. + HST, regardless of the size of the order. Also, Here at The Shop, Our Days of Hairdo’s are Only Monday’s & Tuesday’s, starting at 8:30am until 5pm & Most Likely Later (you can still purchase any Knitting/Crocheting Supplies your little heart desires). Wednesday thru Friday will Be Solely Dedicated To Fibres & Friends, Old & New … 10am until 4pm … We Will Be Hosting “Most” Friday’s, Our “KNIT & YARN Gatherings, but keep checking Our Daily Face Book Posts to ensure there is one happening that week. On Those 3 Days, We Will Be Available to Help You with Your Knitting Issues, Pick out Patterns, Fibres, Needles, Accessories, & Much More … Maybe Even Just Drop By With Your Knitting Project & Have a Stitch or 2 ! We Will Be Posting When We Are Having Special Events Thru Out The Year. The Shop Opens Tomorrow, Tuesday December 29th, for 1 day Only This Week 9-5, for Hairdo’s & Fibre Retail. Next Week We Are Looking Forward To A New Year, With Lots of Changes & Challenges … Oh, and Yes … A New Schedule & Hours ~ Hope To See You All Real Soon !

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