Somethings Never Change ~ Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Sea Star Seafoods at Swims Point, Clark’s Harbour, Cape Sable Island. While sitting and Knitting a pair of socks from my own custom colour wool, “West Head Cranberries”, waiting to be unloaded, I noticed on the loading dock, shrink wrapped and palletized, was many 40lbs lots of Salt Cod in “Wooden Boxes” … I had no idea they still existed and are still being used to ship salt fish to the USA, and possibly much further. As I’m sitting there Knitting away, I thought of the little wooden box I had taken from my Parents home after they passed on that said “EAT FISH FOR HEALTH” … Then I started to think of how some people have been Knitting with Briggs & Little Wool that has been around since 1857. The house I live into was built in 1865, and Salt Fish has been being cured, probably since the first fish was ever caught from Our salty briny oceans … And never mind the raw wooden boxes that the fish would be stored in, to protect, preserve, and ship to many places all over the World. So wheels started turning with me, and I knew I had to have one for My Yarn Shop, for display reasons. So up to the office I head, and ask the lady at the desk, could I purchase one. I told her what for, she immediately connected me to my shop in Lockeport, and kindly asked a young man if he would get me one from a warehouse across the driveway where they actually still build them on site. I was tickled pink as she gave the box to me, knowing that My House, My Shop, My Custom Wools, and now My Fish Boxes would all be joined together, as they should be for Histories Sake and for the Stories they all have behind them. Just as technology advances, it’s so nice to see that “Somethings Never Change” and to the Kindness of “The Lady” who was so generous in giving me a piece of History that will be cherished forever !

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